The Community

Wendell Meetinghouse with a person riding a horseWendell is a hill town in Western Massachusetts, a place known for its artists, activists, and visionaries. Townsfolk have halted highway expansion on forest land, changed state laws to permit sustainable living, provided free food and clothing for neighbors in need, and hosted thousands of performances, forums, and art shows. Known affectionately by locals as “The Lost Continent of Wendell,” our town has lovingly accepted an eclectic array of culture, arts, and spiritual practices.

Presiding over the Town Common and Historic District is the Meetinghouse, a symbol to many of Wendell’s creative and caring spirit. It is our hope to offer the Meetinghouse for diverse celebrations and cultural events that reflect the open and welcoming spirit that has long characterized Wendell.

The Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse is a community-based organization and depends heavily on dedicated donors, volunteers and local craftspeople. They have donated funds, materials, time, expertise and other resources throughout the history of the Meetinghouse. See more about our recent activities and a full list of our supporters in our 2022 Annual Report. And please join us for an upcoming event, consider a donation or become a volunteer!