Our Vision

There is a long history of meetinghouses in our region as centers for town life, places where all can gather in community – and the Friends of Wendell Meetinghouse is delighted to have reopened our historic meetinghouse as a multipurpose community center hosting a wide range of spiritual, cultural and community gatherings for our town and the surrounding region (see more on Meetinghouse events). We are committed to working towards supporting a full range of programs offered as part of what we call:

The Four Domains:

Living Room, Performance Place, Spirit Circles, and Maker-Learner Center

We are indebted to the many community members who have provided input on what they would like to see happen in the Meetinghouse space – their ideas and suggestions are reflected in the possible visions for each domain listed below:

LIVING ROOM at Wendell Meetinghouse:

  • A drop-in center for community members of all ages
  • Informal seating areas, café tables, wi-fi service, games/puzzles,
  • Beverages, pastries, light meals (potluck or catered) served/sold
  • Living Room Store: local arts and crafts, branded items, stationary
  • Book exchange and reading/writing groups (co-sponsored with the Wendell Free Library)
  • Social events: breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, cabarets, nightclubs



PERFORMANCE PLACE at Wendell Meetinghouse:

  • Theater company or drama series featuring local and guest artists
  • Music concerts (all styles), possible Full Moon Coffee House partnership
  • Possible Wendell Community Chorus home for rehearsals and performances
  • Spoken word, performance artists, entertainers
  • Art cinema and film series
  • Theater arts classes — kids, adults; acting, sound, lighting, set design, etc.
  • Dance performance and parties: contra, square, African, Morris, ballroom
  • Sing-alongs, jamming sessions, Karaoke nights
  • Recording/filming venue with unique acoustic/visual properties



SPIRIT CIRCLES at Wendell Meetinghouse

  • Theater company or drama series featuring local and guest artists
  • Regular multi-faith meeting place for spiritual groups of all traditions
  • One-off ceremonies, celebrations, weddings, rituals, memorial services
  • Meditation, yoga, chanting, prayer circles, kirtan, drumming, tai-chi
  • Body-mind-spirit spa, health, wellness, fitness, exercise classes
  • Speaker and film series: world religions and local faith traditions




MAKER-LEARNER CENTER at Wendell Meetinghouse

  • Crafting classes (fabric, paint, ceramic, quilting, multimedia, etc.)
  • Workshops for hobbyists, children, seniors
  • Gallery shows featuring local artists and artisans
  • Old Home Day and Holiday Craft Fair (indoor/outdoor market)
  • Lecture series and seminars, all subjects: arts, sciences, and humanities
  • Continuing Education programs in collaboration with local colleges
  • “Wendell University” in collaboration with Library and the Local Cultural Council