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inter solstice circle dance – 12/21/22

The Winter Solstice was celebrated with Circle Dance led by Gwyn Peterdi.

Dances from around the world, danced in a circle, joining hands, a range of dynamics from meditative to lively, with beautiful music from many cultures.

All participant donations went to the Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse


Pamela Means presented The Power of the Protest Song: Our Shared History & Present Day. This family-friendly concert explored the origin stories and lineages of protest songs, how their meanings and effects continue to transform through time and space, and how they have inspired–and continue to inspire–movements and cultural shifts within the realms of racial and social justice. In addition, Pamela shared her experiences with becoming an artist and using her voice. A curated assortment of original songs and select, recognizable covers was integrated into the presentation as a powerful demonstration of how grounding, unifying, and mobilizing protest songs can be. This program was supported in part by a grant from Wendell Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.


Court Dorsey hosted a series of acting workshops at the newly renovated Wendell Meetinghouse. The workshops focused on age appropriate theater skill-building and games, scene work and improvisational acting exercises, as well as vocal and physical training an was appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced students. A follow up series of acting classes are being considered, pending sufficient interest. 

Court Dorsey is an actor, director and playwright, with a BFA in Dramatic Arts with Departmental Honors from Illinois Wesleyan University School of Drama.  He has maintained an active theater career his entire adult life, with work in over three dozen companies and tours in Europe and the U.S.  He has worked in experimental and professional theaters, crossover dance venues, film, as well as in street theater and improv companies. If you have questions, please email court [at] crocker [dot] com Replies will follow. This program was supported in part by a grant from the Wendell Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Cymbal Sound Bath Offering – 8/14/22

Matt Samolis offered an immersive sonic experience in the newly renovated building.  The sound that issues from his assemblage of bowed cymbals and tuned steel rods is at turns contemplative, awe inspiring and other-worldly. His method of practice effectively blends the harmonic and drone traditions, and is entirely acoustic. The result is a sound environment that is meditative and timeless, inviting the listener toward a stillness that is calming and rejuvenating. Matt has been generously donating his time and energy to the renovation of the Meetinghouse, and now he offered his artistry as well. For more information and examples of Matt’s work, please visit Matt is also the facilities manager for the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre.

Wendell meetinghouse’s 175th birthday celebration – 9/11/21

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