Past Events

past events at the meetinghouse

The Wendell Meetinghouse has hosted an array of programs and events and we look forward to many more! If you would like more information about booking your event at The Meetinghouse, please head here.

Oct. 1 4 pm – Cymbal Bath with Matt Samolis
An immersive sonic experience – the sound that issues from his assemblage of bowed cymbals and tuned steel rods was at turns contemplative, awe inspiring and other-worldly.

Sep. 30 10 am – Caregivers Gathering
Welcoming all past, current and future caregivers to gather, enjoy morning coffee/tea/juice and breakfast goodies, and to share stories and questions.


Sep. 28 7 pm – Court Dorsey reads selected Eddy Stories
“Eddy is a character that is both laughably simple and wildly cosmic,” Dorsey writes.  “Whether he is pitying his potatoes, chewing on nails, walking the stars or breaking his heart over a peach tree, he reminds us that life is both extraordinarily ordinary and deeply magical.” An evening of readings and discussion.


Sep. 14 7 pm – Honoring Local Elders with Gail Mason, celebrating Susan and Jonathan von Ranson
Connecting community members and honoring elders in Wendell and beyond for their wisdom, experience and all they’ve done to build our communities. We sat in circle and shares stories, love and gratitude.

Aug. 29 7 pm – Circle Dance with Gwyn Peterdi
Uplifting our bodies, minds and spirits – fun, joy and multicultural adventure.


8/12/23 – Open House on Old Home Day. We loved connecting with many who came to reminisce, see the results of all the volunteer and community member-led renovations, and imagine what might come in the future. Gratitude to Annie Hassett and Court Dorsey for willingness to do a Community Sing!

7/9/23 – Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse Annual Meeting. Reporting on Meetinghouse successes, inviting input on FWM/Meetinghouse future. We awarded the FWM Community Spirit Award to Dan Keller, and enjoyed music, film, refreshments and community.

7/11/23 – Sound Journey with Nirmal Chandraratna. Ritual and sound healing come together, layered textures of the voice, cello, and world percussion weave a tapestry of melody, mantra and rhythm. When we commune in music and intention, we can help each other to collectively awaken to the aliveness of the present moment.

6/24/23 – Memorial Service for Peter Gallant

6/22/23 – Thursday Series: Spirit Circle with Joshua Jay Waffles – Transmogrify, Discover Your True Self. Sharing photos, stories, sculptures, poetry and more – this exploration focused on the Josh’s beautiful booklets and the 10 Condiments for a Delicious Life.


6/15/23 – Thursday Series: Some Like It Dark, Dark Rhymies with Court Dorsey. Reading from Court’s original poems and circle exploration of the possible value of darkness in the arts, what makes a difference in whether it’s good or harmful and how we deal with different reactions to darkness.


6/8/23 – Thursday Series: Spirit Circle with Alistair MacMartin – Called Wendell, How Did We End Up Here? An evening of storytelling with neighbors. Alistair’s hope was that we discover themes that tie all our stories together because it doesn’t feel like an accident.


6/1/23 – Thursday Series: Rilke and Toad with Jim Perkins and Court Dorsey. Jim read selected readings from Rainer Maria Rilke and Court shared poems from his original Toad series – exploring psycedelics, mystical connections and poetry.


5/25/23 – Thursday Series: Spirit Circle with Nina Keller – Outside the Circle. Explorations of how emerging sense of self and understanding spirituality do not always fit comfortably within a defined space or circle – personal stories, art and poetry.



5/18/23 – Thursday Series: The Path of Bernadette with Court Dorsey. The Path of Bernadette weaves together practices and mythology from Hindu and Buddhist traditions, as well as the Stations of the Cross and the Twelve Steps of AA, four of the most influential strands of modern American mysticism. Reading and discussion.



5/11/23 – Thursday Series: Spirit Circle with Deb Tyler – Broken Mirrors, Infinite Grace and Surrender. Journey tales and insights from Deb FlyingHorse’s ongoing Spiritual evolution, quotes from wise Elders and Spiritual Masters for contemplation, a guided meditation and an invitation for other attendees to share their personal insights into the Sacred Inner Cosmos. 


5/4/23 – Thursday Series: Community Sing with Annie Hassett and Court Dorsey. An evening of sing-alongs with beloved valley musicians who’ve been playing together for over forty years, sure to warm your heart.



4/30/23 – Celebration of Life of Gretchen C. Smith

Memories were shared of this wonderful community member. 


3/21/23 – Sacred Rhythm Circle Equinox 

The community was welcomed to the monthly Sacred Rhythm Circle, celebrating Spring Equinox and evoking healing energies, while stress was released. Drumming and percussion, songs shared, stories, poetry, astrological energies spoken, while the group envisioned and manifested our new world together.


1/25/23, 6/13/23 – Circle Dance with Gwyn Peterdi

Dances from around the world, danced in a circle, joining hands, a range of dynamics from meditative to lively, with beautiful music from many cultures. All participant donations went to the Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse.


Winter 2023 – Dance Your Dance! – Adult movement class with Seal LaMadeleine 

Classes of expressive movement connected participants with themselves. Guided imagery, movement suggestions, and beautiful and groovy music inspired participants to move in expressive, playful and healing ways.


12/21/22 – Solstice Circle Dance with Gwyn Peterdi

Solstice dances from around the world, danced in a circle, joining hands, a range of dynamics from meditative to lively, with beautiful music from many cultures

10/16/22 – Pamela Means Concert

Pamela Means presented The Power of the Protest Song: Our Shared History & Present Day. This concert explored the origin stories and lineages of protest songs, how their meanings and effects continue to transform through time and space, and how they have inspired–and continue to inspire–movements and cultural shifts within the realms of racial and social justice.

  8/14/22 – Cymbal Sound Bath Offering

Matt Samolis offered an immersive sonic experience in the newly renovated building.  The sound that issues from his assemblage of bowed cymbals and tuned steel rods is at turns contemplative, awe inspiring and other-worldly.

9/11/21 – Wendell Meetinghouse’s 175th Birthday Celebration

What a splendid gathering of community at our 175th Birthday Celebration of the Wendell Meetinghouse to celebrate our Wendell community, honor this historic building from past to present, recognize the people who have brought it so far, and an opportunity to share plans for the future. More about this special day here.

6/3/21 – Wendell Meetinghouse Spirit Circles

The Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse 2021 programming began with four Spirit Circles presentations, all were free, open to the public, and accessible via Zoom during four evenings in June and offered presentations and gatherings that support the diverse spiritual lives of its participants through shared exploration, celebration, and practice. Read more about Spirit Circles here.

5/22/21 – Bowers Wedding

​With all major demolition tasks accomplished, the Friends building committee and volunteers cleaned up the great room in preparation for the wedding of Jon and Danelle Bowers. The groom was born and raised in Wendell and requested the Meetinghouse for the couple’s nuptials. Although unfinished, the Meetinghouse still offers a sacred space for those who wish to mark life’s passages. See more here

2019 – Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse

The FWM 2019 fundraising campaign was kicked off by the Gaslight Tinkers, with a blend of global rhythms that created a joyously danceable sound around a core of traditional New England old time and celtic fiddle music. They performed at the November 2019 Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse. Bass guitarist and founding member of the Tinkers, Garrett Sawyer, is a FWM Board member. Proceeds of the sumptuous Dessert-O-Rama were donated to the campaign.

2019 – Old Home Day in Wendell

The Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse booth at the August 2019 Old Home Day welcomed a steady stream of community members attracted to photos by Paul Godfrey, posters by Adrian Montagano, FWM T-shirts, and cookies, popcorn and refreshments … along with FWM Board members. Read more about this lovely day here


2019 – Misfit Parade and Costume Ball

Thanks to previous FWM Board member Linnea Winter, Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse was a grateful beneficiary of the 2019 Misfit Prom, sponsoring a successful raffle to support our Phase 1 Renovations. Read more about this fun event here.