The Building


The Wendell Meetinghouse presides over the Wendell Town Common and Historic District, and like many other beautiful meetinghouses that dot New England, reflects the heart and soul of the town. The building’s story goes back to revolutionary times. Read more about the building’s history here.


​The Wendell Meetinghouse now welcomes the whole community with beautiful new entryways — handsome granite steps in the front and a sturdy access ramp and egress door in the rear.  The handicap-accessible and service ramp was approved by the Massachusetts Historical Commission and built by local carpenter Alistair MacMartin and volunteers who pitched in to help with construction and painting tasks. Read more about our renovation efforts here


There are three exciting but challenging projects ahead: Building an addition, adding a heating system, and renovating the exterior including a new roof, painting, and landscaping. Read more about our future plans here.